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Wondering what Beta Chi Theta has to offer? What Beta Chi Theta is? Look no further, here are some commonly asked questions and answers for parents to browse.

What is a fraternity?

In essence, a fraternity is an organization of men drawn together by friendship, shared interests, and common goals. While in school, a student will have the chance to be a part of different of groups, from the academic honorary to the social. There are a variety of choices available that will help to improve the student’s college experience. Social Fraternities help to improve the social aspects of a student’s life and are primarily separated based on gender. To be a part of a social fraternity is to be a part of Greek Life at a University.

How will my son benefit from Beta Chi Theta?

Beta Chi Theta will provide you with a nationwide network Brothers who will help guide and mold you into a gentleman. The connections and bonds you make with your fellow brothers will last a lifetime. Additionally, joining Beta Chi Theta will allow you to experience tremendous personal growth. Each member develops professional skills through leadership opportunities in each Chapter of Beta Chi Theta. Here is a list of skills that Beta Chi Theta will help to cultivate and enhance:

  • Management/Leadership:
    • Goal Setting
    • Event Planning
    • Problem solving
    • People Management
    • Risk management
    • Time Management
  • Communication:
    • Oral: Brothers will have opportunities for public speaking through meetings, presentations, seminars, and negotiations.
    • Written: Brothers will be exposed to writing event proposals, letters, guides, articles for publications, and speeches.
  • Internal Relations: Brothers will learn to effectively resolve issues within the organization, helping to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • External Relations: Brothers will interact often with external parties such as university officials, venue owners, charitable organizations, news outlets, companies, etc.
  • Financial: Brothers will be exposed to creating and maintaining a budget. They will also learn accounting skills as well as cost saving methods.
  • Recruitment/Marketing: Brothers will learn social networking and use fraternity resources to market the organization in a positive way.
  • Technology: Brothers will have the opportunity to contribute to the chapter website and chapter media tools.

These skills will help each member in the future as they pursue their career goals by providing the soft skills necessary to complement their collegiate education. Our members are visible campus leaders that can successfully balance all aspects of their lives. As we continue to expand our membership, our brothers have a unique opportunity to attain even higher positions in the fraternity, where they will directly influence decisions that will guide the direction of our organization.

Will joining Beta Chi Theta affect my academics?

Yes, in a very POSITIVE way. The majority of our chapters have the highest GPA’s among those involved in Greek Life. The average All-Greek GPA is higher than the All-Undergraduate GPA most universities.

What does this say about Beta Chi Theta? First and foremost, we understand that our members attend college to get an education and fulfill their professional aspirations. This notion is backed by the fact that Academic Excellence is one of the core principles that Beta Chi Theta was founded upon. All of our chapters have a minimum GPA requirement that members must meet or exceed to be considered in good standing. In addition, programs, such as tutoring, study hours, and major mentors are available to aid any member. We are proud to say that many of our members are recipients of academic awards and scholarships.

What kind of connections does Beta Chi Theta offer?

Beta Chi Theta prides itself in having an extensive and influential network of Alumni who are leaders in their respective fields. Our alumni are involved in a vast array of disciplines, including Medicine, Law, Engineering, Government, Business, and Finance. Whatever your interest, there will be at least one other brother who has treaded through the same path. Our members are affiliated with some of the top companies and universities in the world today.

What are alumni doing now?

Even after graduating, our alumni are actively involved in the Fraternity and are kept up to date through alumni newsletters.  Our alumni also serve as guides and mentors for the Fraternity, eager to help whenever necessary. This is exemplified by the fact that our National Board and National Directors are made up of prominent alumni who have demonstrated the skills necessary to lead this organization.

What kind of activities will my son be involved in?

Being a part of Beta Chi Theta will give you the opportunity to plan and organize a variety of events. These events include community service outings, fundraisers, social mixers, academic seminars, and cultural events. These events will not only improve the quality of life on campus but will allow you to make a positive and direct impact on campus.

What is Beta Chi Theta’s policy on Hazing?

Beta Chi Theta has a zero tolerance policy on hazing. Our New Member Education program by which membership is attained teaches the history and values of the fraternity. Additionally, New Members complete team building activities that improve his interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills.

What is Beta Chi Theta’s policy on Alcohol?

Beta Chi Theta implements a very strict and detailed risk management policy. The fraternity discourages anyone under the age of 21 from drinking alcohol and provides security measures to prevent underage drinking. These standards are also enforced by university policy, as well as state and federal laws.

What kinds of social opportunities will be available to my son?

Being in Beta Chi Theta will allow your son the opportunity to organize social events that help to cultivate a professional, fun atmosphere conducive to networking. Actively participating in these types of events will only help to further your son’s social skills, allowing him to have a high level of social maturity and open up new doors of opportunity that will greatly aid his professional and personal life

What are the principles of this organization

Built upon on the primary principle of Brotherhood, the pillars of the fraternity include Tradition, Service to Humanity, South Asian Awareness, Academic Excellence, and a unified Nationwide Network. Each member aims to fulfill the goals and ideologies set forth by Beta Chi Theta. Through various events and projects, each Chapter and Colony not only helps ensure our Fraternity’s success but also helps each individual brother succeed in their own lives.

Who can I contact for more information?

While this FAQ may not answer all your questions, we hope that it has cleared any doubts and misconceptions you may have had. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us by clicking on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.

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