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On January 31st 2010, six Aggie brothers united to become a part of a great national brotherhood. They showed tremendous leadership and unwavering perseverance to establish a South Asian presence at Texas A&M. On this day, these brothers established what would eventually be the Pi Chapter of Beta Chi Theta National Fraternity Inc. at Texas A&M University.

These young men from the Texas A&M University were brought together by a shared passion for six key principles: Tradition, Service to Humanity, promoting South Asian Awareness, Academic Excellence, striving to create a unified Nationwide Network, and most importantly Brotherhood. These principles are the unifying factors that tie every brother across the United States together, and form the foundation of beliefs that characterize our gentlemen.

Over time, the colony at Texas A&M was given Chapter status and the fraternity grew in size and strength. The fraternity holds true to its South Asian roots and maintains close contact with the TAMU ISA & MSA. The fraternity is currently part of the Multicultural Greek Council and is firmly established within Texas A&M. For more info on our Chapter, please visit our Facebook page.

At a national level, Beta Chi Theta is a part of the NIC and NAPA. To follow more of our activity on a national level, follow us on Twitter, or like our page on Facebook.


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You can use the following information to contact us if you want to rush our organization or if you would like to know more about Beta Chi Theta at Texas A&M University. You can also visit our National Website at www.betachitheta.com for more information about Beta Chi Theta as a national fraternity.